Frodo’s Dreams (Summarised)

A short summary of Frodo’s dreams up until Fog On The Barrow Downs. This will be updated should more dreams occur that should be summarised for ease.

A Conspiracy Unmasked:
– Frodo was looking out a high window over a “dark sea of tangled trees”
– He hears snuffling and sniffing
– He can hear the ocean in the distance. It mentions he has never heard the ocean but it troubles his dreams.
– Scene changes
– There are towers which he starts to climb to see the sea
– Before he makes it the sky lights up and there is the sound of thunder.

In The House Of Tom Bombadil:
– A young moon rises over a wall of black rock
– Within the wall is a pinnacle of stone (a tower)
– On top is a man with white hair
– There is the howling of wolves
– The shape of great wings pass over the moon, there is a flash of light from the man’s staff and the eagle takes him
– Howling of the wolves, galloping hooves from the east

Fog On The Barrow Downs:
– Sweet singing that comes “Like a pale light behind a grey rain curtain and growing stranger to turn the veil all to glass and silver, until at last in was rolled back, and a far green country opened before him under a swift sunrise”

Why We Love Tolkien

Before Kristin and Mel dive into The Hobbit, Mel reached out to some of her friends and asked them why they love Tolkien. Here is a compilation of their reasons for loving the world created by the professor.

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Tolkien maps- reference guide

There are many maps of Middle Earth and the surrounds. Here are some that Mel and Kristin use on the show.

This one was drawn by Tolkien himself and is the entire world

of Tolkien’s Middle Earth’ This is the first age of Middle Earth

Second Age of Arda (atlas) - Karen Wynn Fonstad

Karen Wynn Fonstad’s interpretation of the second age taken from ‘The Atlas of Tolkien’s Middle Earth’

Map of Beleriand during the First Age - J.R.R. Tolkien

Map of Beleriand from the first age. Taken from The One

Tolkien Reading Day

Map of Middle Earth in the third age. Taken from Monash Student Association website