A short summary of Frodo’s dreams up until Fog On The Barrow Downs. This will be updated should more dreams occur that should be summarised for ease.

A Conspiracy Unmasked:
– Frodo was looking out a high window over a “dark sea of tangled trees”
– He hears snuffling and sniffing
– He can hear the ocean in the distance. It mentions he has never heard the ocean but it troubles his dreams.
– Scene changes
– There are towers which he starts to climb to see the sea
– Before he makes it the sky lights up and there is the sound of thunder.

In The House Of Tom Bombadil:
– A young moon rises over a wall of black rock
– Within the wall is a pinnacle of stone (a tower)
– On top is a man with white hair
– There is the howling of wolves
– The shape of great wings pass over the moon, there is a flash of light from the man’s staff and the eagle takes him
– Howling of the wolves, galloping hooves from the east

Fog On The Barrow Downs:
– Sweet singing that comes “Like a pale light behind a grey rain curtain and growing stranger to turn the veil all to glass and silver, until at last in was rolled back, and a far green country opened before him under a swift sunrise”